Biotuning your body means increasing energy, volatility, focus, and wellbeing by changing its chemistry. The process has endless variations, from changing your diet and exercise routines to some of the world's most substantial innovations like implant technology and genetic engineering.

The possibilities are endless, but they all center around the same philosophy: that we can drastically improve our lives and bodies through changing the way they work.

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We've joined forces with Dr. Alexander Joseph, our resident MD and master of regenerative health, to design biotuning programs that target:

  • Brain function
  • Higher immunity
  • Elevated gut and heart health
  • Nervous system functioning at peak performance

With customized product kits that integrate biotuning into your lifestyle, we give our members access to long-lasting, progressive impact on their quality of life.

Combined with our customized programs that leverage nanodosing to elevate health and emotional balance, biotuning further enhances the wellness journey by balancing the body's chemistry.

Meet Dr. Alexander Joseph, MD.

A highly talented and progressive board certified Family Medicine physician, Dr. Joseph practices a holistic, innovative approach to how we care for ourselves. A celebrated mastermind of regenerative health, his credentials include an Ambassador of Oxidative Stress Medicine for the Academy of Nitromedicine, as well as prestigious membership to the Mastermind Peptide Group of the International Peptide Society.

Leveraging his deep understanding of human chemistry and how it contributes to overall wellbeing, Dr. Joseph works closely with his patients to develop targeted, holistic solutions for even the most complex conditions.

how to begin

Complete the onboarding form

Complete the initial onboarding form to tell us what brings you to biotuning, along with some basic information.

Speak with a specialist

Once we've received your form, a CELIA specialist will reach out to you directly to ask a few questions and provide additional information to complete the intake process.

The doctor will see you now

Once you've completed onboarding, our physician will reach out to schedule an intake session.

the biotuning begins

After your intake session, you'll be provided exclusive order access to our biotuning products. Your order will be fulfilled internally and shipped to you.